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small spaces how much space do you need for a regulation pool table

Nov 9, 2011 - Your space can fit a pool table 84 inches long and 52 inches wide. Standard pool table sizes are 7 foot, 8 foot, 8 1/2 foot and 9 foot long. Jan 4, 2012 - What size pool table should I buy for my home? . to shoot with a cue that's a foot shorter than the standard 57″ one piece pool cue. Some rooms are a little better and only have a post that hampers that one shot out of 500. Simply use the chart below to determine the minimum space requirements needed for a particular table and cue combination. Reference line 'C' for a standard . What we're providing here is the minimum space requirements for setting up a 7 foot, 8 foot and 9 foot table in your game room. We're looking at this under the assumption that you'll be playing with a regulation size (57-58' pool cue). These are considered industry standard minimum space requirements. Mar 19, 2017 - When gauging pool table dimensions, how big a table you need and how much free playing space you will require are vital considerations. . You can buy a few mini-cues to work in tight spaces, but that's not the best solution. Jun 15, 2017 - Triangle Home Gamerooms sells smaller cues, as short as 36 inches, that . How to Make Sure You Have Enough Room for a Pool Table So, with all those sizes of tables and cues in mind, about how much space will you need? . The 9-foot tables are the regulation competition tables you will likely see on . The pool table room size chart should be used as a guide only. Generally, you need . Pool Table Dimensions · Pool Table . How Much Is Enough? The pool . a guide only. Generally, you need about 4 1/2 feet around the pool table for a shot completely perpendicular to the wall and with the pool ball tight against the rail. All Items Ship Free When Purchased With a Pool Table or Furniture! . If your room size is smaller than the dimensions shown, you can choose to use a . If you have to locate it at an end, it is best to situate the table so that the pole is at the . It is imperative that you choose the right size snooker or pool table for your room to make sure you have the correct playing space needed. . Most games or dining rooms will have obstructions like fireplaces or furniture that may restrict play, . we can get round these by using a shorter length cue going as small as 3' or 3' 6'. It requires a much larger room than a 7 foot table as shown in the chart below. . The pool room size needed then is the length of the pool table plus 2 times the length of the cue . If you use a shorter cue you will be able to use a smaller space.

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