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17 Swimming Pool Games for Kids This Summer. Mermaid Races. Some call them dolphin races or submarine races. Invisi-bottle. Take an empty clear 2 liter plastic bottle. Noodle Jousting. Instead of riding horses for this battle, the players line up on inflatable rafts. Shark in the Pool. Ping Pong. Treasure Hunt. . From Atomic Whirlpool to Marco Polo, here's a list of Swimming Pool Games that . Put 3-4 players at one end of the pool and give them one rubber duck apiece. 10 Fun Pool Games for Kids. Beach Ball Race. 1 of 11. Using large beach balls (or any kind of balls), see who can push theirs to the other side of the pool first. Ping-Pong Madness. 2 of 11. Marco Polo (But Fun) 3 of 11. Sharks and Minnows. 4 of 11. Chicken Fight. 5 of 11. What Time is it, Mr. Fox? 6 of 11. Coins on . See more ideas about Swimming pool games, Water pool games and Children toys. . Monchichi <3 I still have mine and I wouldn't have it any other. Disclaimer: SwimSwam does not endorse all of these swimming pool games. Some are . pool. Stock photo via Funky Trunks 3 – Sharks and Minnows. See pictures of classic toys and games. iStockphoto/Thinkstock. Summertime is pool time. When the temperatures soar, kids and adults flock to pools to cool off . Jul 11, 2014 - Here are some of our favorite pool games for kids! . 3. SILENCE: Have one person stand on the side of the pool deck with her back turned away from the pool. The other . photo credit: flattop341 via photopin cc – Text added. Apr 10, 2015 - This swim season, enjoy these 40 swimming pool games. . in water, tie each one into a ball with the string, and freeze them for 2-3 days. May 11, 2018 - Getty Images. For the kids who practically live in the water all summer, you're always trying to think up new and exciting water games to play.

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