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fancy 18x36 inground pool liner cost

Inground Pool Liner Cost Based On Pool Liner Thickness. A quality 28/20 mil inground pool liner cost roughly 200.00 – 700.00, depending on the size of your pool. Bump up to a thicker 28/28, and you can expect to pay 300-400 more. Inground Pool Liner Installation = ,000 - ,500. Installing in-ground pool liners tends to be more expensive than its above-ground alternative. Generally speaking, your cost will end up between ,000 and ,500 for the installation alone. Jun 5, 2018 - Expect to pay between ,000 and ,000 to replace an inground swimming pool liner, but just 00 to replace the liner in an above ground pool. Shop 18 x 36 Grecian Replacement Inground Swimming Pool Liners from Pool Warehouse and save over a 000 . Click HERE For Larger Pool Liner Images! In the Swim's In Ground Pool Liner page will help you accurately gauge how much a new or replacement vinyl pool liner will cost to install in your pool. . 12 x 18, 89.99. 12 x 24, 09.99. 14 x 28, 19.99. 16 x 32, 49.99. 18 x 36, 49.99. May 19, 2016 - But ROUGH ballpark - about 00/SF (SF of pool water surface area), down to about as low as 5/SF in very low cost areas and if using vinyl liner, gunite, . tiled pool interior (more than just the rim), fancy configuration, etc. Jul 16, 2016 - 93 swimming pools and how much they cost to build. A great resource . Pool Surface: Vinyl Liner (concrete bottom and steel sides) Year Built: . Apr 29, 2008 - We have a 18x36 size inground with upgraded liner, diving board and automatic . A new liner cost around 3500 for this size pool too, as they don't last forever. Nothing fancy, I think his grand total was around 0,000. Apr 5, 2016 - The price of a pool can be steep when you factor in costs like . Residential in-ground swimming pool in backyard with waterfall and hot tub. You're 'Over the years the pool lining was no longer patchable, and . From power tools to fancy shoes, here's what's marked down for Father's Day on June 17.

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